Things You Must Do to Prepare for God’s Judgement

God’s judgement is inevitable. No one knows exactly when the judgement of God is going to happen, but it is certainly coming. To be clear, the purpose of God’s judgement is not to inflict suffering upon people. Instead, its ultimate purpose is to show the true character of each person, rewarding those who have been good and remorseful while punishing those who have greatly sinned. Above all, the judgement of God is a vindication of His righteousness.

Because no one knows when God’s judgement is going to occur, it is important for each and every person to live their current lives according to the commandments and teachings of God. This is one of central points of Philip Wittig’s book on God’s judgement entitled Apostasy Can Lead A Nation to Self-Destruct: Will America Mends Its Ways and Return to God. It is a thought-provoking and eye-opening book that convinces its readers to be concerned about the internal destination of their soul and to return to God while there is still time. In general, Wittig’s book on God’s judgement serves as a reminder to everyone that the judgement of God is coming, so it is necessary to be prepared as soon as now.

Here are some of the most essential things you must do to prepare for God’s judgement:

You must repent of your sins

God’s judgement punishes those who have sinned. With that being said, you need to repent of your sins before the judgement of God comes. Repentance is the key to salvation. When you repent, you are accepting the fact that you are sinful as a human being and that Jesus Christ is the only savior who can save you from your sinfulness. According to the Bible itself, repentance brings pardon and forgiveness of sin. However, in order for repentance to be effective, it should be genuine and sincere. You should repent not just because you are afraid of being punished for your sins, but rather because you have an inner desire to be more abiding and closer to God. Ultimately, you need to be honest about your need for repentance.

You must re-order your life around God’s commandments

God’s judgement rewards those who have been obedient to His commandments. He promises rewards to those who earnestly seek Him and live their lives according to His Word. For this reason, if you want to be rewarded on the day of judgement, then you need to re-order your life around God’s commandments. Get rid of your sinful lifestyle, and start obeying His commandments now. Put Jesus Christ at the center of your life. Make it a habit to pray and read the Bible every day. Most importantly, learn how to love your neighbors just as God loves you. It might be difficult at first, but it is going to be totally worth it in the end.

You must urge others to return to God

God rewards selflessness. He gives honor to those who do not only think about themselves but also about others. So, if you want to be saved from the wrath of God’s judgement, then you need to get rid of your selfishness and be generous. Generosity does not only mean giving money or any material possession to other people. Instead, generosity also entails having the willingness to share the Word of God to others. Speak about God more often. Encourage as many people as possible to know more about God and to return to Him before the day of judgement comes. The more you share God and His Word to others, the better they will understand why there is a need for repentance and life reorganization now.

In summary, no one can deny the inevitability of God’s judgement. Indeed, as Wittig’s book on God’s judgement demonstrates, the judgement of God is real and coming, and it is going to occur anytime without anyone knowing exactly beforehand. For this reason, it is necessary for everyone to be always prepared. If you want to be saved from the wrath of God’s judgement, then you need to be good and do good all the time. Repent of your sins, re-order your life, and return to God. Ultimately, you must live every day as if tomorrow is the day you are going to be judged.

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