The Need for Repentance Now More than Ever

Repentance is necessary now more than ever. As the world continues to move toward self-destruction, there is a greater need to repent and return to God. America, particularly, is in grave danger, as apathy and chaos continue to loom in its soil. Currently, America is faced with not just one, but numerous social and moral issues. Corruption, sexual and drug trafficking, violence, and immorality are all rampant now in the American territory.

Philip Wittig, an author and life-long Lutheran, draws some parallelism between what is happening in America now and what had happened in Israel before. According to Philip Wittig, in his book entitled Apostasy Can Lead A Nation to Self-Destruct: Will America Mend Its Way and Return to God, America is currently on the same road of apostasy leading to self-destruction as Ancient Israel traveled thousands of years ago. The looming apostasy and chaos in America is leading the country toward nothing but its doom. For this reason, it necessary for Americans to start changing their ways now more than ever. Will America mend its way or will it continue to travel the road toward self-destruction? Below are some of the signs that America is now on the brink of judgement.

Chaos is everywhere

Chaos has been apparent in the American soil for years. Wars, mass killings, gang violence, racial violence, sexual abuse, drug trafficking, discrimination – these are some of the many disturbing things that continue to be rampant in the country. Indeed, chaos and disorder seem to have been commonplace.

In 2018 alone, the overall crime rate in America was reported to be at 382.9. This accounted for around 1.21 million violent crimes that occurred within the American territory. Among the most vulnerable sectors in America have always been children, women, people belonging to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community, and people of color. Aside from violence, corruption has also been rampant in the country. In the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International, America reportedly scored 69 out of 100. Such corruption does not only exist within politics, but also within other realms such as in the corporate industry. As a result of the rampancy of corruption, more and more Americans are now suffering from poverty and the continuous prevalence of crimes.

Emptiness and lostness are prevalent among people

Without God, America is increasingly becoming a lost nation. More and more people now seem to lack meaning and purpose in life. A manifestation of this is the increasing number of people who suffer from feelings of emptiness, lostness, and depression. Some resort to alcoholism and other destructive habits just to cope with the emptiness, while others even commit suicide. Since 1999, suicides have been disturbingly on the rise in America that in 2016, suicide ranked as the 10th leading cause of death among Americans.

Aside from succumbing to depression and suicide, the feelings of emptiness and lostness have also caused many people to commit crimes. Some people abuse others; some keep filling their bodies with alcohol and illegal drugs; and at the extreme of it all, some even commit murder and kill other people. All of these are negative effects of the lack of meaning, purpose, and direction that has been increasingly plaguing the minds and hearts of many Americans.

Fewer and fewer people believe in God and pray

The continuously reducing number of people who believe in God and pray is a huge sign that a nation is in great need of repentance. This is the case in America. At present, more and more Americans lack spirituality and strong faith in God. In 2014, the percentage of Americans who believed in God or prayed an all-time low. This lack of spirituality or religiosity is very much prevalent among the youth. People from ages 18 to 29 are reported to be less likely to engage in a wide range of religious practices such as attending religious services and even praying. This is especially alarming because a nation that does not believe in God is a nation that will continuously dwell in chaos.

Without a doubt, America is currently on its way toward self-destruction. The looming chaos, emptiness, lostness, and apostasy among Americans are huge signs of a nation nearing its doom. For this reason, there is no better time for repentance but now. Americans, as well as all the people around the world, should start returning to God. They must start changing their old, skewed ways before the time runs out. There is no one or nothing that can save people from destruction but God. The most important question now is: amid fear, uncertainty, and disorder, will America finally realize what it needs to do? Will America mend its way or will to continue to move toward self-destruction? The answers to these questions are all on the hands of the people.


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