I believe the cover very graphically displays the message of “Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct.” The individuals in the fore ground represent the nation and its people that from its beginning were dedicated and consecrated to God. That nation has been obeying and living in accordance with God’s Word and His commandments.

After a time, the world and Satan’s false gods and idols become attractive to the people. Then as a nation, they begin their journey down the road of apostasy by first expunging God and His Word from their society. The society’s sins of pride and arrogance become entrenched in the fabric of the nation’s society. Eventually, the nation and most of its people have rejected the God who has protected and prospered them.

Now, the nation continues on the dark, broken down road of apostasy on the left that leads to the cliff of self-destruction and death. The darkness of evil and wickedness grows darker and doom obviously becomes inevitable.

The alternative for the nation is to humble itself, pray to God for forgiveness, repent of its evil and wicked ways, and return to God. Fortunately, Almighty God who created and controls the universe is a forgiving and patient God.  Even at the eleventh hour God will accept a people’s humble, prayer full and repentant hearts so they can return to the solid, good road flooded by God’s light and glory, along with the opportunity to worship Him and honor His commands.

The solid road flooded with the light of God’s glory leading to the right is symbolic of the hedge of protection with which God surrounds the nation that remains loyal to Him or returns to Him in humility and repentant hearts.  

In the twenty-first century it may be difficult to recognize and grasp the fact that idolatry abounds so extensively in America because we see very few hand crafted idols on display in this country. On the other hand, in the twenty-first century America has a more sophisticated system of false gods and idols. In chapter three of the book in item 10 of the section “National Sins of the United States, I have enumerated various false gods and idols that are worshiped currently in America. You may be surprised with the false gods and idols that I have identified and unfortunately this is just a partial list. These are in addition to the national sins that have become acceptable behavior within our society.

May you experience God’s blessing.   

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