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Will America Mend Its Ways and Return to God?

Both ancient Israel and America were plagued with historical amnesia—the failure to pass on to future generations the story about the protection, blessings, and prosperity they had received at the hand of a loving and compassionate God. As a result, apostasy began to gain traction so that the people of each nation began replacing the worship of God with flourishing idolatry.

What happened to ancient Israel is history. God waited patiently for the nation to return to Him so that He could destroy its enemies and heal the nation. He patiently tolerated its defiance but finally declared His righteous judgment, allowing the evil Assyrians to destroy that nation, and ancient Israel disappeared from biblical history.

The status of America remains in limbo as God waits patiently for America to respond positively to His plea to return to Him while it defiantly marches to its impending doom. Time is running out! Will America mend its ways and return to God?

A chapter is included that is directed to the reader who is doubtful that America will return to God but is also concerned about the internal destination of his or her soul should America be destroyed by a cataclysmic event.

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“ Well-­versed in scripture, Wittig offers a largely compelling read…it’s largely an easy read—and an attention getter.”

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Drawing connections between the nation’s founders and contemporary religious and cultural arguments makes a passionate case for national repentance.”

—Foreword Clarion Book Review


“He has arranged his arguments in an orderly way. His case seems reasoned and fair. “

—US Book Review


“An urgent call for Americans to return to God before it’s too late.”

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Other than the nations of Israel and the United States of America, I am not aware of any nation that has ever been consecrated and dedicated to almighty God, the Creator of all that exists. Being a nation so consecrated and dedicated carries with it the blessing of being surrounded by God’s hedge of protection and being the recipient of a multitude of gifts and blessings granted by His bountiful hand. Not only is it an honor to be a nation consecrated to God, but that nation and its people have the responsibility to trust, honor, obey, and respect with dignity the decrees and laws of God, to whom that nation is dedicated. Equally important, those people are to worship and serve no other god but Him. It is important to appreciate the fact the God takes great pleasure in blessing the nation that honors, obeys, and worships Him.

God’s mighty hedge of protection was no longer in place. On the morning of September 11, 2001, the enemy breached our human-designed and –built wall, striking the heart of New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. God was hoping that America would recognize that the attack occurred because America was in spiritual crisis and had turned away from Him. Unfortunately, no one in the executive or the legislative branches of the federal government recognized the true cause; instead, they attributed the attack to a possible weakness in the intelligence or military systems of the nation, just as Ancient Israel had done.
After the attack, numerous people throughout America asked the question, “Where was God?” That clueless question begs a couple of other questions: “Where have you been for the last four decades?” and “Don’t you realize that for the last forty years the United States has been in the process of expunging God from our society and nation, so why would you think He was protecting America?” On the other hand, God was present comforting the relatives and friends of those who perished in the tragedy.

        The problem is that most of the leaders of our nation fail to understand there is no military force that the United States can muster that is capable of opposing the will of almighty God, the God who created and put the universe in place.

        Further, as the disease or sin of apostasy matures, the cumulative effect is the hardening of unbelief that becomes more impenetrable and defiant as time progresses.

        I have come to realize that during the past more than sixty years, our nation’s leaders, along with our Christian religious leaders, have failed to recognize the benefits that God’s hedge of protection provided to this nation during the years since its colonization and its founding. Political correctness has become more important than honoring the God who blessed this nation with glory and power.

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