3 Personal Signs You Need to Return to God Now

As the world continues to battle chaos and immorality, there has been an increasing need for repentance. In essence, repentance means turning away from sin and returning to God. Indeed, with the negativity and wickedness that are looming in most societies today, it is only God who can save people from the inevitable burning hell.

God is merciful and forgiving. The degree or gravity of your sin does not matter to Him for as long as you seek His mercy and forgiveness with utmost sincerity. However, not everyone can immediately recognize his or her need for repentance. Sometimes, it takes a lot of self-assessment and reflection to realize that you have been missing God for a long time. Some people even turn a blind eye on their need for God their whole life. As a result, they never get the chance to repent their sins.

Despite being recondite, there are several signs that you can search within yourself to help you recognize your own need to repent. To help you begin your journey toward repentance, below are some personal signs you need to return to God now.

You have lost sight of your purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life. God created and put each and every person into this world for a reason. Some people can find their purpose in an instant, while others may have to live half of their lives searching for the reason why they are here. Nonetheless, all people, including you, have a purpose in this world.

Following your purpose is what moves you closer to God. Therefore, when you feel as if you are already losing sight of your purpose, it can mean that you are also straying further away from God. Being confused and unclear about your purpose is a sign that you need to return to God now. When your life is in a state of confusion and hopelessness, it is only God who can enlighten you and help you get back up.

You harbor hidden sins from the past

Everyone commits mistakes. Everyone has shortcomings. All people are vulnerable to sin because no one is impeccable, except God Himself. Because of this, there is absolutely no reason for you to be ashamed of the mistakes and shortcomings that you had in the past.

Sometimes, however, there may be sins that you would rather sweep under the rug or hide in the closet. This only works for a short period of time, but in the long-run, your unacknowledged and hidden sins will certainly come back to haunt you. When this happens, it may be a sign that you need to repent now. Harboring hidden sins from the past may signify that your soul is currently troubled. So, to solve this, you must return to God, the only one who can bring you peace even amidst chaos.

You constantly disobey God

God gives people His commandments so that they may live a life that is good, moral, and consistent to His plans. These commandments are mostly found in the Holy Scripture. To be a good Christian, you need to follow God’s commandments as much as possible, the most important of which is to love other people in the same way God loves you.

When you constantly disobey God, you are not just hurting Him, but also yourself and the people around you. Disobeying God’s commandments is a great sign that you are already straying further away from Him. For this reason, you need to return to God by allowing yourself to submit to His plans. Obey the things that God tells you. It is only Him who knows what is best not just for you, but for everyone.

Ultimately, repentance begins in you. To repent is a personal decision that you should make not just because you are afraid of the inevitable burning hell, but because there is a strong, passionate desire within you to return to God. As stated, God is a merciful and forgiving god. It does not matter how many times you have sinned nor how grave your sin is, God will always spare you His mercy and forgive you from all of your mistakes and shortcomings. The only thing that you need to do is to recognize your need for God. There are plenty of signs within you that point you to such direction. You just need to pay close attention to these signs and return to God as soon as possible.


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